Come join us for the 5th Annual Island View Trail Race on Sunday, October 11th . The race along Franklin Trail begins at Carpinteria High School, winding around the school parking lot, track field, and adjacent orchards where the trail emerges onto a lovely single track with magnificent ocean views. A steady climb and switchbacks will take you up Franklin Canyon with numerous vistas along the way. From single track you run on a dirt road alongside several ranches, well developed coastal scrub and mixed chaparral. The 4.0-mile course is an out and back, turning at the end of the single track trail. The 10.0-mile course is also an out and back but continues on a dirt road towards the top of the hillside to the beginning of the Los Padres National Forest. The 16.0-mile course enters the Los Padres National Forest at 1700 feet and reaches the crest at 3700 feet — a gain of 2000 feet over three miles.

Opening Hours

16 Mile Run Start Time

7:00 am

10 Mile Run Start Time

7:30 am

4 Mile Run Start Time

8:00 am


16 Miler | $60      10 Miler | $50      4 Miler | $40

Estimated Elevation Gain

16 Miler | 3780 feet      10 Miler | 1750 feet      4 Miler | 800 feet

Just A Few Trail Runners

Join over 150 runners on a scenic course in the foothills of the Santa Ynez Mountains with panoramic views of the Carpinteria Coast, Pacific Ocean, and Channel Islands from a beautiful coastal chaparral setting.

  • Victor Centina
    Victor Centina

    2016 4 Mile Race Winner

  • Ramiro Guillen
    Ramiro Guillen

    2016 10 Mile Race Winner